Juerg and his Work


Jürg Bühler

I am passionate about everything I do in life. Switzerland is the place where I life and work. Here is my network of professional and private partners and friends. People matter to me and I aim to be a valuable partner to the people that I live with. I work with vision and structures. My experience is creating scalable organizations that grow market share while maintaining customer loyalty and keep employee attrition low. Enabling companies to improve in the way they do business is what my business life is all about. It is indispensable to act as a team. Work is an important part of life!

Teamwork Focus :

▶︎ Sales and Services: the end customer in the centre of the work
▶︎ Innovation: new business models from the perspective of the end user
▶︎ Positive Leadership: focussing on strengths and possibilities

Common Passion creates values :

▶︎ Positive mindset and strenghth-oriented Collaboration in the Ecosystem
▶︎ Reliable Collaboration enabling Strategies to be Implemented and Goals to be Achieved
▶︎ Living an open and honest cooperation in a spirit of partnership
▶︎ Overall, this means a lot of fun for everyone involved!

Jürg’s Backpack :

Since 2020 I have been working in mandates as a team worker, partner in business development, sales and management. Not as a consultant, but as one who works on the results.

From 1999 to 2019, I was responsible for the Teradata business in Switzerland. First as Country and Sales Manager for a division of NCR and later later the independent Teradata company in Switzerland. As a team, we increased sales in this period by a factor of 7, and earnings disproportionately.

Teradata’s teams enable customers to leverage all their data to improve their results by providing consulting, technology and services. The Swiss teams serve clients in a variety of industries, including: Telecom, Retail, Healthcare, Life Science, FMCG, Logistics, Transportation and Federal Government.

1994 to 1998 I was selling solutions as Account Director to the Life Science Industry for AT&T Global Information Solutions and soon got promoted to Sales Team Leader. In 1997. When AT&T GIS became NCR again I was offered the role of to the Business Unit Manager for the computer systems group and became Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. During this time I learned that selling is about sharing inner believes and solving business problems.

1980 to 1984 I worked as purchasing officer, sales or marketer for Termoplan (Shell affiliate), Galenica (Pharmaceutical Wholesaler) and Ascom. At ascom Ilearned how powerful Teamwork is.

I was born on May 18, 1961 and grew up with two sisters and a brother. Together with my wife Liliane I raised three wonderful children and today I love spending time with our five grandchildren.