Peter and his Work

Peter Grolimund


Passion and excitement were the ingredients and motivation in my worktime as in my private activities. Thanks to my different roles and jobs, I was able to work on an international as well national scale. This enabled me to establish an according network. It is crucial to me, to work in a diverse environment. My experience taught me, that outstanding and innovative solutions are highly probable in such a setting.  

Teamwork Focus :

▶︎ Data driven solutions with a focus on the customer and user 
▶︎ Technical Evaluation, driven by the needs  
▶︎ System architecture creation, which enable data security and transparency of data usage
▶︎ Creation of strategies to enable digitalization in challenging situations 

Common Passion creates values :

▶︎ Motivation driven by common innovation 
▶︎ Working in teams based on trust and openness 
▶︎ Enjoyment about the commonly created solutions and innovation 

Peter’s Bicycle-Bag : 

Since 2022 I’m working as a Team Worker for different mandates to build strategies for common solutions. Not as a consultant, but as a member of the team with concrete contributions. The experience to work within teams of young experts, and older, well-established colleagues is frequently the key for success.  

From 2013 to 2022, I was working as a senior industry consultant in life-sciences for Teradata. Working with different teams, I was in the comfortable position to identify and establish successfully solutions within an international customer base. During this time, my former experience was confirmed, that diverse teams enable the best solutions.  

From 2011 to 2013 I was engaged as a «Director Research and Development IT» Within the Merck-Serono group. This engagement has shown, how changes within a team, can open the chance to envisage creative new solutions.  

From 2001 to 2013 I was manager and collaborator in different roles (IT and business) for Novartis. Two years my wife and I spend in India.  This time was driven by many organizational as well  as technical changes, of large initiatives and teams. The setting used to be highly international. Success was driven by teams who worked in an open, trustful and honest way, which enabled them to find and realize successful solutions. 

Before these engagements I was covering many different roles in different industries (see linkedin) (Leadership roles, technical roles).  

I’m born the 11th of Mai 1958 together with my twin sister. Together with my wife Therese we enjoyed raising 3 children and today we are equally enjoying our time with our grandchildren.